Meet New Cam Girl Abby from Chaturbate

Meet Abby, Chaturbate’s new interactive cartoon cam model.  Apparently Abby has received special permission from Chaturbate to test out hentai cam modeling. Voiced by a “real” female that does very well keeping viewers entertained with actual conversation (which some cam models fail to do) The amount of criticism from other cam models in the chat room that appeared a little jealous was comical from a viewers point of view.  Do they have a legitimate complaint that it takes away from “real flesh and blood models”?  I’ll leave that up to you to decide.  To View Abby’s cam room follow Abby here and check out her blog and to see  more up and coming innovation from


BlazingSweetHeart is a veteran camgirl on Chaturbate that has got what it takes to last a while in a market saturated with new camming talent.  She knows how to keep a chatroom going, talking with her people which is key to being a top cam model and keeping people coming back for more and 2nd, that body…good gracious!! Be sure to follow her at the links below to see for yourself.


Cam Room: BlazingSweetHeart

Twitter: @Blazing_Sweetz