Add Twitter Button to your Chaturbate Bio

Add a Twitter button with link beside your Chaturbate cam window

Instructions for adding this twitter button with link to your bio

1. Copy the entire html code below and add it anywhere in your “About me” section

2. Where it says”” change address to your twitter address (keep the quotation marks)

3. Press “update bio”

Adding a Twitter and Amazon Button beside your Chaturbate Cam Window

Instructions for adding a Twitter button and Amazon button with YOUR links

1. Copy entire html code below and add it anwhere in your “about me” section

2. Replace the “” and the “” with YOUR links…IMPORTANT (keep the quotation marks in the code)

3. Press “update bio”

If you have any questions or you want a custom set of buttons with links, please send us a DM on twitter: @TeamPervcb or send us a message here: CONTACT